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Squrl For iPhone & iPad: View Trending Videos From Your Social Networks & Video Sources Of Choice

Services like Google Reader are helpful in letting users view items from several news sources in one place. Such feed aggregators are not rare, and there are many similar apps available for iOS as well. Squrl Video Discovery is an iPhone app that is essentially a feed aggregator, but with a major twist – the app deals specifically with videos. With Squrl Video Discovery, you can create a personalized video feed, stay apprised of the latest video trends among your social media friends and discover new videos from sources of your choice. Squrl offers a network of its own too, where you can follow different channels and other users. Read on past the jump for further details.

Squrl Video Discovery Profile Squrl Video Discovery Activity

The app provides a short tutorial regarding its usage when you launch it for the first time. The option to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app are provided during this tutorial, although you can do that later as well. By default, the Fresh page is the first to show up after you are through with the tutorial. This shows all the latest videos from the sources incorporated by Squrl, which include YouTube, Hulu, Reddit, ESPN, CNN and many others. If you choose to connect your social network with Squrl Video Discovery, the Activity menu shows a list of videos watched and shared by your friends. To interact with other Squrl users, you can send them messages, and this correspondence is done via the Messages menu of the app.

Squrl Video Discovery Channels Squrl Video Discovery Squrl Video Discovery Detail

Arguably, the best section of the app is What’s Hot. Here, all the trending videos from your chosen sources are displayed. This can give you a good idea about what’s popular across the web these days, and it also keeps you up to date with the latest news related to the topics you are following. To personalize the whole experience of using Squrl, you can go to the Channels menu and add new items to your main feed. There are several categories of channels available, and you may follow any channel you like. You can also share or like videos from the main Squrl feed, without even having to launch the video. To do that, just long press any video thumbnail. Apart from that, the action menu’s ‘+’ button allows users to add a video to a Queue, so that it can be watched later.

Squrl Video Discovery is a universal app, and is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Recently, the app got a complete interface overhaul, so even if you have used it before, do give it another try. Squrl is free and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Squrl Video Discovery

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