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Stay Apprised Of Your Couriers & Deliveries’ Status With Slice [iOS]

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means shopping, and lots of it. Maybe that’s why many of the apps and web extensions that are coming out these days are related to shopping (examples being ShopSmart and Shopseen). Slice is another such app, designed to help iPhone users in managing their purchases and to find out where exactly the package they ordered has reached so far. Online shopping has become so easy these days that you can order just about anything on the internet or via iOS apps. The problem arises when you have to memorize all your orders, and at times everyone is bound to forget all about a particular package’s arrival or other information. This is where Slice can be of help, as the app automatically tracks all your purchases, and keep you up to date of their current status.

Slice Login Slice for iOS

As Slice already has a web service by the same name, you might already have a Slice account. If that’s the case, you can simply log in to the app using that account. If not, you can use the simple in-app signup option. Signing up is possible in three ways. You can create an exclusive Slice account, where you will have to choose a new username and password specifically for Slice, or there is the option to use your Gmail or Yahoo account to sign in. The first option isn’t advisable as you will need to do everything manually, which sort of kills the app’s purpose.

So if you have used your email account to sign in to Slice, it will automatically pull all the receipt and package information from your mail, and create an all new feed exclusively for your deliveries on its homepage. Not only that, the app will also let you keep track of the overall amount of money you have spent on your shopping. All this is visible in the Home and Updates tabs, whereas past delivery records are maintained in History.

The app offers Netflix and iTunes integration, which means if you want to make a purchase, items at Netflix and iTunes store will be preferred. The app can be a bit slow regarding the status of some packages, but the overall performance is pretty good.

Slice is available for free on the iTunes App Store. You can check it out at the iTunes download link below.

Download Slice for iOS

[via LifeHacker]

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