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Stay Aware Of Ambient Noise When Listening To Music On Earphones [iOS]

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music on an iOS device? The Music app is pretty good, and there is a plethora of music-related apps available in the App Store. Listening to your favorite songs on the speaker of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is not usually a good idea. For one thing, you will end up annoying everyone in your vicinity, and there is also the problem of reduced volume levels if you don’t use a headphone. However, using headphones has its own set of problems. The use of headphones leave you almost completely oblivious to the surrounding sounds (specially if you are using ear buds). If you are walking on the road while listening to music, things might turn nasty if you fail to hear a car’s horn honking behind you. The solution to this problem is the awesome iOS app Awareness. The app will overlap background noise over the currently playing music every time it exceeds a fixed level.

Awareness iPhone

Awareness has a rather simple interface, and after you have installed it to your iPhone, launch it every time you have to use headphones. The app just shows a meter which gauges the noise level around you. This level is not affected by the volume at which you are listening to music on your earphones. Tap the Mic on/off button in the top right corner of the main screen, and let Awareness work its magic. Whenever the surrounding noise level reaches the red bar limit, that noise will be transferred to your headphones and overlaid with the playing music. It is possible to choose the sensitivity level of the app by sliding the black line to the right of the screen. Similarly, mic threshold can be selected via the red bar on the main meter.

Awareness can also be set up to make your iDevice vibrate each time the set noise limit is reached. If the app is running in the background while you are listening to music, a banner will continue to appear on your screen and Awareness keeps working. The app can be turned off using the power button located below the meter. In the Settings menu of the app there are several useful options, like Mic delay, dB Noise meter and Clear Voice. All of these options choose the quality of transferred background voice you want to hear on your headphones.

Usually the app is worth $6.99, but for a very limited time, you can grab it for free by heading to the link below.

Download Awareness


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    Great app. I would find this functionality useful also for a PC, is there a Windows app that does this?


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