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StickyTiles: Pin Up Two-Sided Sticky Notes To WP Mango Home Screen

It is pretty ironic that some of the features that bring Windows to your mind as soon as you hear their name, are absent in Windows Phone 7. The Sticky Notes feature gained popularity through Windows 7, but it’s a third party app which finally brings it to WP7. Sure, you can pin Office’s OneNote to your Start menu but that does not show its contents on the live tile, just the note’s name. StickyTiles for Mango does the trick by attaching a whole note to your start screen so that you can view what you wrote at a glance. Of course you can only write a small amount of text on such a note, but that is the whole point of the app. StickyTiles is equally useful for reminders, small notes and to-do lists.

Sticky TilesCreating Tiles

The app works in a pretty simplistic manner without much fuss, letting you create two-in-one notes. By that, we mean that each note you create can have two sides if you choose so. Just like a real-life post-it note, you can add text to both sides of a Sticky Tile. The app also gives you the option to choose a separate background color for each side of the note. The choice of colors isn’t limited like in WP7’s themes, you can choose from a color pallete (which is a feature Microsoft can learn from as there is still no option for customization of themes in Mango).

Once you have written on one or both sides of your note, all you have to do is tap the pin button at the bottom of the screen and your note will be stuck to home screen as a live tile displaying the complete text you entered. If your note was two-sided then it will keep flipping every few seconds, letting you see both sides.

StickyTiles is a free app and definitely worth a try. The app is only compatible with Mango because according to the developer, secondary tiles are not enabled in pre-Mango versions.

Download StickyTiles for Windows Phone

[via WPCentral]

Update: It has been quite a while since the app was initially released, and a lot has changed since then. The biggest new feature in StickyTiles is its ability to let users put an image in the background of the tile rather than keeping just a solid color background. Not only has the app got a revamped interface now, the keyboard also supports text-selection and spell-check.

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