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Storytree For iPhone Makes It Easy To Start Writing A Story & Share It

Every person who is even remotely related to writing, or just likes to take notes for fun, is sure to have run into a writer’s block on one or more occasions. Once you have a grasp over the main idea of anything you have to write about, and you get the first few words out, it is relatively easy to proceed with the creation of your masterpiece. Storytree is an iOS app that gives you a lot of ideas on what to write about, and you can also use this app to save and share your memories in the form of photos, videos and audio recordings using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Storytree iPhone Storytree New Story

You have to sign up for a new account before you can start using Storytree. Creating an account is easy, and on the welcome page, you just have to enter your email ID, along with a new password and username. With your account, you can start creating your own Storytrees. Just choose a name for your Storytree, which can be thought of as a folder for the entries you will create. More than one Storytree can be associated with a single account. So, when you are ready to add a new story to your profile, just tap the ‘+’ button in the top bar. You can start writing straight away, just like in the Notes app. However, if you are out of ideas, there are 4 options which can prove to be helpful in getting you started. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so just imagine how many words can be written about a video. The app allows you to add photos, videos and recordings to any story, so you can start writing about it straight away.

Storytree Topic Categories Storytree Topics

To get that extra bit of inspiration, there is the option to choose a topic from the list available in Storytree. All topics are listed under different categories; a topic is usually posed as a question, and in answering that, you can start writing with ease. Even if a note is not started with the addition of media, you can add it later. Storytree also acts as a social network for stories, much like the previously covered Opuss, and by inviting your friends, you can add them to your network on the app. This way, it becomes convenient to share all your writings with your loved ones. Your added friends can also interact with you using the Ask option in the Share section.

Storytree is a free app, and we found it really addictive. So, do give it a try by going to the App Store link below.

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