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Strategy Plus Robot Violence Equals Mecha-Mecha Panic! [Android Game]

Meet Mecha-Mecha Panic!, another new entry to the ever-growing Android games library. This button-mashing, arcade fun will test your fingers & thumbs to the most extreme level (no it won’t damage your fingers). The game is developed by Turbofish Games, and is based on cute little robots who are escaping the fortress and there is no stopping them but you. You’re the last hope here and you’d need to finish them off before they destroy your only gun. The player uses a turret gun to take out the robots, who vary in size, strength and power. The game is highly enjoyable with nearly unlimited number of levels to play. Let’s take a closer look at it after the jump.

Mecha-Mecha Panic Gameplay1 Mecha-Mecha Panic Stage Clear

The basic controls of the game consist of continuous finger tapping to shoot the malfunctioning robots, violently headed your way. There are a number of different special weapons at your disposal, like firebomb (to blast away hordes of enemies), shockwave (to create a resistive shield that repels the robots away) and a plasma bolt, however more weapons get unlocked as you make progress. There is a health bar at the upper left corner of the screen, frightening you every second, and the lower section displays your special weapons along with a power meter to tell you the number of times you may use them. The power meter automatically replenishes depending on how many kills you have made.

There are various different upgrades you can purchase by trading the bolts you earn while destroying the robots, for example, you can upgrade your health bar, increase firepower of the gun or simply unlock new weapons. This effectively increases the replayablity of the game (which already seems beyond infinity). Tapping anywhere on the screen to shoot seems simple enough, but at times, this causes accidental shots, which creates a hit and miss effect. In my opinion, it would be better if this control scheme were somehow replaced with a virtual fire trigger.

Mecha-Mecha Panic Upgrades Mecha-Mecha Panic Gameplay2

The graphics are cheesy and there is no denying. The classic design gives the user a nice retro feel, but the monotonous techno music in the background can prove to be quite annoying. Other than that, there isn’t much to complain about. Mecha-Mecha Panic! is, overall, a worthy title, holding in countless hours of fun and finger thumping action.

You can grab it for free from Google Play Store via the QR code or download link provided below.

Download Mecha-Mecha Panic!

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