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Stream Audio From YouTube Videos Using YouTunes Live For iPhone

YouTube might be a video hosting service in essence, but one look at the number of songs and lyrics videos is enough to tell anyone that a majority of users are there for the music. A lot of people run YouTube in the background, only listening to the audio and paying no attention to the video. This is why having YouTunes Live on your iPhone might be a pretty good idea. The app extracts audio from any video on YouTube (or even the videos you have on your device), and you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes even after the screen has timed out. Read on to know all about this handy app.

YouTunes Live Home YouTunes Live Search

When YouTunes Live is launched for the first time, all the existing music videos are loaded to the app automatically. The app is so easy to use that you can treat all the loaded videos as one big playlist, and rearranging any of the tracks just requires you to drag the song using the reorder button. However, the real fun starts when you tap the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the main page. From here, users can search YouTube and add any video to the app’s list. Just enter a keyword, and hit the Add Video button once you have found it. YouTunes Live streams audio, so no downloads take place from YouTube, and the video is added to your playlist immediately.

From the main page of YouTunes Live, users can listen to any of the extracted audio tracks simply by tapping the video thumbnail, and the song can be paused from the big button in the bottom bar of the main page. YouTunes Live can prove to be really helpful if you have a limited data connection and use YouTube as your primary source of music. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only, and has gone free for a limited time. You can grab it by heading to the download link provided below. The app faces some crashing issues on older iDevices, but worked just fine on our iPhone 4.

Download YouTunes Live

Update: A recent update of the YouTunes Live app has fixed the crashing bug on older devices, and now the app should work just fine on all iPhone or iPod touch devices. The much-needed Scrubbing feature is now available in the app as well, allowing users to skip ahead to any part of the video.

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