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Stream & Download Free MP3 Songs On WP7 With Fildo

YouTube is probably the best source of online music if you don’t want to browse through a lot of websites, looking for a working link. That is why there are many YouTube clients on Windows Phone 7, and some of them even let users download songs as MP3 audio files. However, surfing through YouTube or similar services still requires some time and effort, and the conversion of video to audio is often not smooth enough. Fildo is a new WP7 app that promises to be every music-lover’s dream come true. The app comes with an impressive collection of MP3 songs that you can stream or download to your device. That’s not all; Fildo can be used as an alterative to the Music + Videos hub of WP7, as you can create playlists, listen to songs in the background or under lockscreen, and view lyrics for each.

Fildo Fildo Menu

There isn’t a lot of hassle involved in the app’s usage. The menu is simple enough, and has just two important functions. From the Playlists menu, users can manage all their past downloads and arrange them in any order. However, the real fun begins in the Search area of the app. From this menu, it is possible to look for any track or artist. The search result limit for each keyword is 200, and that means you can find a lot of good stuff as a result of each search.

Fildo Search Fildo Playlist

Every MP3 song you come across while using Fildo can be streamed or downloaded. Of course, it is not possible to export the songs to the stock music player, but that isn’t too much of a problem, as the app’s own player is pretty good. To stream a track from among the search results, just tap it once and it will start playing. Fildo supports continuous play, and this means that after you begin streaming one song, the app will automatically start playing the next search result when the first one is over. It is possible to manually change the song as well, and the option to do that is available in the bottom bar.

To view the lyrics of the current song, users have to swipe to the right of the search screen. Songs can be downloaded if you press and hold your finger over a title, and then hit the save icon once it shows up. The downloads made via Fildo appear in the Playlists section of the app. You can create a new playlist by long pressing any track title and then hitting the ‘+’ button.

Unlike the stock WP7 music player, Fildo offers the option to reorder playlists from within the app. Fildo has got just about everything, and although the collection might not be absolutely perfect, you will still find most good numbers available in Fildo. And did we mention that, just like all the MP3s within it, the app is completely free?

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