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Stream & Purchase MP3 Songs On Your WP7 Using The Official 7digital App

There aren’t many services for Windows Phone 7 that have the potential to challenge the Zune music store, as for now, it remains the the number one place to purchase music if you have a Mango phone. When you look online, or even on other smartphone platforms, there are many stores which offer MP3 purchases. Not the least popular among these stores is 7digital. The service offers MP3 songs, albums and artist collections at pretty decent prices, and thankfully, they have now released their official WP7 client. Mango users have finally got a good alternative to the Zune store (not that it isn’t good in its own right). What’s more, the 7digital app comes with a music player of its own (background play is supported, of course) and will let you stream all of the songs, so you can get a preview before spending any money. If you are already a 7digital user, the app holds even more charm, and you can find out about that by heading past the break.

7digital Charts 7digital Featured

For existing users, 7digital on WP7 pulls all their past purchases and syncs them to their phone. Simply sign in to your account, and your library within the app will be populated. If you are new to the service, you can sign up for an account easily, as it just requires your email ID along with a new password for the app. However, a new account is not necessary until you want to make a purchase. You can browse through the app’s menus using the shortcuts on the homepage, or by simply swiping to left or right. Unless you are looking for some particular track, the Charts and Featured menus can come in really handy, and are sure to let you know all about the tracks and artists which are trending currently. The featured section displays staff-picks, while the charts show the top downloads based on tracks, albums and artists. You can purchase an album or track right from within the charts, and the same holds true for getting a preview stream.

7digital Album 7digital Player

Once you purchase some songs on 7digital, it becomes possible to play them in the the app’s own music player. The same player can be used to stream your own collection over the cloud, given that you are a 7digital member and have downloaded music in the past. The player is pretty simple, but efficient. All the controls are located in the bottom bar, and volume can be adjusted only through the hardware keys. The same bar also has a shuffle button, as well as another one for letting you view the current playlist. Another good thing about 7digital music player is that you can create playlists without having to connect your device to your computer (a feat not possible in the stock music player).

So, if you are looking for a nice alternative to the Zune store, give 7digital a try. The app is free, and is worth a download if you own a WP7 device and like listening to music.

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