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Streamd.in Displays Tweets Being Posted From A Specified Location [Android, iOS]

Third-party Twitter clients are available in abundance across the app stores of all renowned mobile platforms, but not all support displaying the latest tweets from a specific location. In fact, this is a facility that, as of this writing, can neither be enjoyed via the official Twitter mobile client, nor the Twitter website itself. So, how does one learn about all the tweets flying around from, say, your neighborhood, from a particular street in Melbourne, or from any location of one’s interest for that matter? Through Streamd.in, that’s how. The app utilizes Google Maps to display tweets posted from any user-specified location on map. Not only does the app let you manually search for required locations (with real-time search suggestion support), but also allows you to filter the content being displayed. In this regard, you have the choice of searching for tweets that contain specific keywords, or list only those tweets contain images. There more that this awesome little app has on offer.

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Basically, the app fetches and displays profile photos of all the Twitter users who’ve been recently tweeting from your location of interest. Tapping a photo displays all the tweets posted by that particular user. Although the app has been designed to run equally well on smartphones and tablets, the sheer beauty and utility of the app is unleashed when used on tablets, where it utilizes the entire screen real estate via a dual-pane interface. The right pane is dedicated to displaying the map and profile photos of various Twitter users whereas the left pane displays all the latest tweets as they keep flowing in.


By default, the app opens to the map view on which you can view all the latest tweets posted from your current location. You have the choice of toggling between satellite or map view, and can select the default time interval to refresh the tweets. Needless to say, the shorter the time frequency, the faster your battery would drain off, as app constantly attempts to keep fetching all the latest content.

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As mentioned earlier, you can use the app’s search settings to find a location of interest, or filter tweets by desired keywords (or just those that contain images). Each location-based search result gets recorded/logged so that you can quickly jump to your desired location to find out the latest tweets.


Once you’ve authorized the app to access you Twitter account, you can also begin posting tweets tagged with your current location. While browsing tweets, you can tap a user’s name to explore all the recent tweets posted by him/her. In addition, you may also post a reply to a tweet, re-tweet a message, or edit a re-tweet that you’ve already posted.

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