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Streamified For iPhone: Create Your Custom Feed From Various Sources

Google Reader is pretty widely used by a lot of people to stay in touch with the latest happenings around the blogosphere, but some times you just need an app which will let you personalize the stuff you want to stay in touch with. Won’t it be great if there was a way to combine your social network feeds with those of the blogs you like to follow? Streamified is an iOS app which lets you do just that. Using this app, you can create a customized stream, tapping into feeds of various sources pertaining to humor, science, technology, social media and just about anything you can possibly think of. Read on to know more about this simple, yet useful app. Update: The Android version of Streamified has been released, and you can find its Google Play Store link at the end of this post.

Streamified iPhone Streamified Feeds

Streamified starts off with a graphical tutorial regarding the app’s features, telling you how exactly can feeds be added to your personal stream. You can begin by swiping to the right and coming at the main page of the app. Feeds can be added by tapping the ‘+’ button in the top right corner. The available feed options are neatly categorized into different classes, and you can find almost all popular blogs and websites related to any walk of life. There’s isn’t an option to add whole categories to your stream, and you have to add individual sources to it.

Streamified Stream Streamified Settings

Once the sources have been added, you can turn on or off any of them from the settings page. After everything is set, the newly generated custom feed is displayed in the All Streams section. The app overlays a timestamp over the posts in your Streamified feed, based on the time which has elapsed since it was posted. In the app’s settings, you can change the font size and sounds associated with the stream. The menu also presents option for toggling on or off badges related to the added sources.

Streamified is a free app, and you can grab it from the following link, where it is available in both iPhone and iPad versions.

Download Streamified For iOS

Download Streamified For Android

 Update: The app now supports Instagram and email sharing for individual posts, a choice that has made it just about perfect for sharing photos and text. Another new feature added by recent updates has made it possible for users to unify their feeds, meaning that you can create a combined feed for, say, humorous posts while keeping informative articles separate to make everything more convenient to follow.

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