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Student Timetable: Create Timetables & Archive Them Online [Android]

First it was My Class Schedule, then Studious, School Schedule and quite a few others in between; Android-using students would be feeling blessed with the sudden emergence of so many student planners on the Android Market in just a matter of a few days. Student Timetable Helper, although somewhat similar in its functionality to all the aforementioned apps, is yet another student planner that packs comprehensive timetable management features along with adding a couple of handy options such as an online archive for storing, retrieving and managing your timetables, customizable alarms integrated with Google Calendar events, multiple widgets for selective content (timetables, teachers, classrooms and more) with customizable styles and notification types, voice/speech recognition to input data and much, much more.


To add your very first timetable/class for a particular day with Student Timetable Helper, tap Menu > Add > Timetable and provide an appropriate title. From here on, you can pick from a flurry of options to include with your student planner, including activities, notes, lectures, teachers, alarms, widgets, working days and all. Before moving any further, remember that in order to avail the speech recognition feature, you must have Google’s Voice Search installed and an active internet connection.

Once a class has been added, you can start adding weekdays to complete your entire week’s timetable and the relevant activities (lectures) within each. The app lets you manage multiple timetables at once. To add any of the aforementioned features to a particular timetable, just tap Menu > Add and pick your preferred option.


For each activity/lecture you wish to add, you can specify its start/end timings, subject, class, teacher, classroom, site and a color to distinguish it from the rest. To quickly add data from previously created records, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the right of each field.

Adding notes and alarms to each class is simple. From the timetable list, tap on the preferred class to launch the notes screen, tap Menu > Add note and write down your note. To add an alarm, tap Menu > Set alarm. You may set the alarm date, time and repetition frequency for selected lessons and specify reminder settings for upcoming activities. The app also lets you pick a Google Calendar account to sync reminders to/from and automatically adjusts the alarms accordingly.


Follow the same pattern to create an entire timetable (or multiple timetables) with notes, alarms and notifications. If you’re already logged in with the app’s online server, you can easily store all your timetables on the online School Timetable archive by tapping Menu > Put into archive. Archived timetables can be managed from within the app or from the School Timetable website.

While on the archive screen (the app’s homescreen), press the Archive button manage to your profile and/or browse a timetable, load a timetable or to remove a timetable from an archive. If you don’t have an account, you may use the in-app registration facility to create a new account in order to access the archives.


The Arm/Disarm all alarms option within Menu > Other can be used to enable/disable all alarms with just a couple of taps. By enabling the alarms, the app automatically puts your device into silent mode during lectures whereas disarming/disabling alarms frees the device from all such restrictions.

Now for the app’s homescreen widgets. Student Timetable’s widgets come in a few different sizes. To add a widget, long press on a vacant spot on your homescreen, select Widgets from the Add to Home screen menu, navigate down on the list to trace Student Timetable and pick a widget of your liking. For each Student Timetable widget that you wish to create/add, you have the choice of selecting the widget style (color) as well as the notification mode (with/without sound or vibration). The widgets depict all the upcoming classes along with brief details about each.


In short, of all the student planners that have been reviewed so far, Student Timetable easily qualifies as the most feature-packed of the lot. The online archiving feature is probably the best feature in the app as it stores yours timetables at a remote location, allowing you to easily retrieve them on another device or access them from your computer.

Download Student Timetable Helper for Android

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