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SwipeSelection Allows Easier, Gesture-Based Text Selection In iOS [Cydia]

There isn’t much wrong with text selection in iOS, but needless to say, it could’ve been much more convenient. The area where the text to be selected is located, is usually hidden under your finger as you strive to move the cursor to an appropriate point. Also, users have to rely on the little magnifying glass that appears while seeking within text, and that can get a bit disorienting at times. This problem has been countered by a certain developer from the Cydia store, whose new tweak, SwipeSelection, makes use of gestures to make text selection really convenient for jailbroken iOS users. You don’t have to play a tedious game every time you want to edit a single alphabet in a whole paragraph once you have SwipeSelection installed on your iPhone or iPad.

SwipeSelection Cydia SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it to your iDevice, its gestures are added to iOS automatically and no configuration or set up steps are necessary. The tweak doesn’t add any new Springboard or Settings icons; therefore, to test it, you will just have to go to any area of iOS where the stock keyboard is available. SwipeSelection offers three gestures, and here is a list of everything that can be accomplished using the tweak’s gestures.

  • Shift Key Gesture: Activate the shift key on the keyboard by double-tapping it, and swipe across the keyboard. The cursor will move according to that motion, and you can stop it next to any letter in any word to select it.
  • One Finger Swipe: Lets you move the cursor slowly, so that the selection can be as precise as you want.
  • Two Finger Swipe: Allows you to select any word quickly, though with less accuracy.

SwipeSelection can prove to be a really useful tweak, specially on the iPad’s larger screen. It is available for free, and works without taking away any of the existing text editing options offered by iOS. SwipeSelection is one of those tweaks that will make you forget all about its presence as it works without any interference with other features. The only drawback of SwipeSelection appears to be the fact that at times, if you select text too quickly using gestures, some random keys might be pressed, adding extra characters to the text. Apart from that, the tweak is highly recommended – do give it a try if you have a jailbroken iDevice.


  1. I Love This Tweak, but it Skips Characters Due To Sight Finger Slides When Typing. Its More Frustrating Than Just Typing Normally. I Would Suggest The Slide From Delete Functionality Be Stand Alone. That Would Solve My Problem.

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