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SwitcherCleaner: Keep Only Recent Apps In iPhone App Switcher [Cydia]

If you are a perfectionist, it is quite likely that you are always aware of the amount of apps currently visible in your iOS device’s App Switcher tray. Many people, including myself, are in the habit of continuously launching the App Switcher tray on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and then removing all unused apps present there. The reason behind this might be the (rather small) performance improvement you get from having less apps in the App Switcher, or you maybe you just don’t like all those frozen apps displayed in the menu. Whatever the reason, SwitcherCleaner is a new Cydia tweak which makes sure that only recent apps stay in the tray, and also adds the kill button to the icons in the App Switcher, even when they are not in jiggle mode.


SwitcherCleaner is basically designed to perform two functions. One is the addition of the kill button to the frozen apps, and the other is the automatic removal of apps from the App Switcher. Once the tweak has been installed on an iDevice, no app icon or settings will be presented, as SwitcherCleaner takes control all by itself. You will notice that after the tweak’s installation, the App Switcher tray will automatically be depopulated, and just the first screen of icons will continue to appear in the tray. If you have a few apps that remain in running state even in the background, SwitcherCleaner makes sure they are not removed automatically. This makes the tweak intelligent enough to distinguish between apps that are there just to clutter the App Switcher tray, and the ones that are actually there for a good reason.

Not only that, SwitcherCleaner goes one step further, and allows you to kill apps with literally just one tap. Normally, iOS requires users to enter jiggle mode before they are allowed to kill any apps. However, with this tweak, every time you enter the App Switcher tray, the kill button will be ever-present for all the app icons present in there. The tweak worked perfectly for us, but some users have complained that it makes the Springboard crash regularly. Apart from that, the tweak can improve if users get the option to choose the criteria on whose basis apps will be removed from the multitasking tray.

SwitcherCleaner is a free tweak, and you can download it from the Big Boss repo over at the Cydia store.


  1. i installed this, but i can still swipe to a second set of apps that are still running. it does not only keep the first four open as stated above. is this a bug? 

    • No…it just means your device has enough memory to multitask for up to two pages…it depends on the device you’re running it in and the apps you’re multi-tasking…

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