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SwitchNews Brings Your Region’s News To Your Windows Phone 7

Despite Windows Phone 7 being a platform that is rather new to the smartphone scene, there is no shortage of essentially necessary apps. Take news readers as an example. There is a large variety of apps available in the WP7 Marketplace that let you read news feeds captured from a number of sources of your choice. SwitchNews is another news app, but with a touch of difference. It allows you to view the latest news from a region of your choice. Not only that, SwitchNews is one of the very few WP7 apps that tap into Google News to come up with all the latest happenings in your region, or anywhere in the world. The feeds you create in the app are pretty customizable, and you can personalize them to make sure you get only those items that are of interest to you.



The app collects news from a multitude of sources including CNN, VOA and Reuters among many other leading news agencies. The categories for which news articles are displayed are configurable and include the World, your region, Business, Entertainment, Science, Sports and most popular. By “configurable” we mean you can toggle off any category you are not interested in.

News Countries

You can view news from any country where the Marketplace is currently available. Even if your country isn’t listed, choose a nearby one and you will get updates for your region too. Just go to the app’s settings and choose any country of your choice.

SwitchNews FeedNews Item

Custom Feeds

Interested in a category other than the ones offered by SwitchNews by default? Go to custom feeds and enter the keyword you want to subscribe to. You will then be able see your self-added category on the app’s home screen.

Sharing Options

Facebook, Twitter and E-mail sharing of news articles is available in the app. After opening a news item from the app’s home screen, you can read the gist of it within the app and  for details you can head over to the source of the article by tapping read more or the browser option at the bottom of the app screen.

You can download SwitchNews for free from the Zune Marketplace via the link given below.

Download SwitchNews for Windows Phone

Update: The only missing feature in the app has now been added to the mix, and you can now view the latest updates right on your phone’s Start screen thanks to the newly added live tile support.


  1. Easily the best news app for Australia I have used. The customs feeds are brilliant. Everyone should have this!

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