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Swype Beta 3.25 Adds Editing/ Send-To-App Gestures & More [Android]

Swype – one of the most popular custom keyboards for Android has been updated (to v3.25) and more importantly, the recently added quick text editing, send-to-app gestures, dictionary management and Swype Connect features that were previously available to Nexus S 4G users only have now been offered to other Android users as well. The (good) news comes in the wake of a beta update for Swype that is surely going to fetch this feature-packed keyboard for Android an even broader fanbase. Updated version of Swype can be downloaded by registered users from the Swype Beta website. Details to follow after the break.

Let’s poke into the rich options of Swype Beta v3.25 in detail.

Quick Editing Gestures:

To make routine text editing tasks (cut, copy, paste and select-all) instant and easily accessible, Swype introduces quick editing features that can be availed at any instant on Swype keyboard through relevant gestures. For instance, if you wish to copy selected text from the text field, just ‘Swype’ your way from the Swype key to the ‘C’ key on the keyboard. You can paste text using combination of Swype key and the ‘V’ key. To cut text, swipe to the ‘X’ key. Likewise, to select all the highlighted text, swipe from the Swype key on your keyboard to the ‘A’ key.

Send-to-App Gestures:

The updated Swype app also lets you quickly send highlighted text to another app by using specific pre-defined gestures. As of now, supported apps include Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps. To send text to Facebook, you can use Swype mechanism through the combination of Swype key and F->B keys. Similarly, new tweets can be created on Twitter by using same mechanism but with a combination of T->W keys. If you wish to search Google Maps for highlighted text, swipe from the Swype key to G->M keys.

Interested users can check out the Swype Gestures video provided below to see both the newly added features in action.

Personal Dictionary Management:

Updated Swype adds better Personal Dictionary Management features. Using this option you can view, add, remove as edit words that you have added in your custom dictionary. To access and use this feature, long tap the Swype key on your keyboard, tap Options and you’ll see relevant entries by the name of Personal Dictionary and Reset Swype’s dictionary.

Swype Connect is another added feature worth mentioning. Swype Connect service helps developers of the app improve their product by collecting  usage data and device info. This can prove to be mighty helpful for the company to make adequate changes and updates to their future products.

Swype has been providing Android users with some of the most convenient text input options such as text typing, auto-suggestions, added emoticons, auto word correction and a whole lot of customization features. Now, with all the added options mentioned above, Swype has taken a definite edge over its competitors and vows to become a lone candidate when it comes to selecting the most effective and user-friendly keyboard replacement for your smartphone.

Visit Swype Beta Site To Register For and Download Swype (Beta v3.25)

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