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Syncy Integrates Facebook Friends With Address Book Contacts [iPhone]

With the passage of time, Facebook has grown into a social network where people all over the world interact with each other on daily basis. Due to this importance enjoyed by Facebook, it has become somewhat cluttered, and at times, you might have to strive for a while before you can actually see updates from people you care about, rather than a Farmville announcement. If you have an iOS device, Syncy can prove to be the perfect solution for this problem, as using this iPhone app, you can view your Facebook friends as a list of contacts, and the app also lets you associate a Facebook profile with the contact details you might have got in the stock Contacts app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Syncy Friends Syncy Facebook Status

To get started, you have to connect your own Facebook account with Syncy. The option to do so can be found on the main page of the app. Once you have done that, Syncy will take a few moments to import all your contacts to its own database, and then you can start seeing what your friends are up to with complete ease. There are separate sections for almost everything you might want to know about your friends. Not only are all your Facebook friends listed in the app, the contacts stored in the stock Contacts app are shown as well, and you can merge the two groups of contacts by associating them with each other. This feature makes Syncy a complete replacement app for the stock address book. Syncy has menus for your friends’ profile specifics, but you can also see a list of status updates from everyone.

Syncy Birthdays Syncy Contact

To make sure you never forget a loved one’s birthday ever again, Syncy lists their birthdays in chronological order. The birthdays in the current month are on top, and you can search through the list as well. If you want to know which friend of yours is online right now, you can do so without having to login to Facebook, as there is the Online menu on Syncy for that. The app lets you view any added contact’s profile, and if you choose to do so, you can also Associate Contact straight away from the person’s dedicated Syncy page.

Syncy is a good and easy way of managing your Facebook life, and you can grab this temporarily free app (otherwise $0.99) at the download link below.

Download Syncy

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