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Take Photos With Effects From Your Windows Phone 7 With SnapFX

Windows Phone 7 devices have really good cameras in general, and things took a turn for the better with Mango due to introduction of tap-to-focus. The camera in my Samsung Omnia 7 even has 6 photo effects in it! Still, who doesn’t want more? There’s always that thirst for the little something extra, and that’s what SnapFX is for. This neat little app lets you take photos with a bunch of really cool effects added to them. Now, we know there are already a lot of photo editors available for the Mango platform, so why would you want to give SnapFX a try? The most important reason for that is the app’s intuitive interface. Rather than listing effects in a long and boring list, this app lets you make changes to your images in an interactive way. Apart from that, the app has to get full marks for simplicity, as everything is really easy and efficient in SnapFX.


SnapFX comes with 5 effects that the stock camera app does not offer. However, there is a slight drawback (or maybe the app was just intended to be that way); you can not import pictures to the app. What this means for you is that you have to take a photo using SnapFX to be able to apply a certain effect to it. Also, you will have to snap the photos the old-fashioned way (using the camera button) as tap-to-focus does not work with it.

You might be surprised once you launch the app as the options are minimal, but that only serves to keep the interface clean. There are 5 effects you can use before snapping a picture. The effects offered by SnapFX are:

  • Two Color Switches (that let you take photos with tinkered color settings)
  • Black & White
  • Horizontal & Vertical Flips that give a kaleidoscopic view of the scene in front of your camera lens.

You can toggle between effects by rotating the tiles at the right of your screen, or you can view the choices by tapping the box at the top. The Start button in the app launches the camera.

SnapFX is free and below is the Web Marketplace link for the app.

Download SnapFX for Windows Phone

[via WMPowerUser]

Update: SnapFX has been updated to add support for secondary live tile, and the number of available filters has increases as well. Like all good photo editors, the app now integrates with the Pictures hub and you can snap photos within it using the hardware camera button.

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