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Talk To Your Android Phone To Get Things Done

With the modern-day mobile devices and gadgets becoming our faithful companions that we can carry around anywhere with is, it is somewhat incumbent for users to dream of an app that can transform your device into a virtual speaking assistant that can read aloud your personal content to you. Imagine you’re driving on the highway and of course, you don’t want to take risk of typing a message, going through the contact list or finding a location on the maps. How about you just speak to your Android phone and it will do the rest for you? Vlingo, a famous app which I have been using for quite a while now, comes useful in all such situations. A free and simple app which can listen to your commands as well as read all your incoming messages and emails.

Vlingo allows you to call, text message, search phone and maps, open apps, social networking and email. It gives users more voice control with excellent voice recognition capability. The UI design is slick and simple. The main screen has a big ‘Tap & Speak’ button, with some examples in the middle box, a share thread and three buttons including Info, What can I say?, and Safe Reader at the bottom. To talk to the app, you simply tap the big Tap & Speak button and Vlingo will start listening to you.


Safe reader can be turned on and off by tapping the speaker button on the main screen. It speaks out any new messages and emails received, which becomes a big plus when you’re driving. Widgets can be added on the main screen in different styles for Tap & Speak as well as to turn the safe reader on and off.


‘What Can I Say?’ outlines all the basic commands evolved within Vlingo when dialing, messaging, searching, opening apps, social networking and emailing. To learn more, info button can be tapped from the main screen which will highlight all the basic shortcuts of using this app as well as keyboard setup.


Auto punctuation and hiding offensive words (when you are with a group of friends) also some great features in this app. Vlingo has a very straightforward usage and great voice recognition quality will definitely leave you impressed!

Vlingo is an absolutely free app that can be downloaded from the Android Market via the link provided below.

Download Vlingo Virtual Assistant For Android

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