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TalkBox Voice Messenger For Android Gives Voice Chat A New Meaning

Apps built around the concept of instant messaging are already available in abundance across app stores of both renowned smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. That being said, if you are thinking that we are going to introduce you to yet another similar-looking, tried-and-tested alternative, think again! Originally developed for the iOS and now available on the Android Market, TalkBox is a cross-platform voice messaging app that merges the conventional text chat interface with voice communication. The app, much like the built-in Voice Clips feature in Windows Live Messenger, allows both Android and iOS users to send recorded audio snippets to each other. Users can geo-tag each of their messages and can invite up to seven friends to an on going conversation.

TalkBox Voice Messenger service can come in handy in all such situations where you’re simultaneously hooked to a couple of your friends, trying to convey messages that cannot be simply put into words, or require the oral interpretation of it.


The interface of the Android variant of TalkBox, like that of most other apps ported from the iOS, is simple yet sleek. The homescreen displays a list of all recent conversations, and displays the number of unheard messages, if any, above each. Unheard messages can be played right from the recent messages screen. The app lets you sync with your Facebook account to invite your Facebook friends and post voice messages on your wall. You may also search for your TalkBox-using friends by username.

TalkBox uses your device’s proximity sensor to switch between the speakerphone and ear piece when required. That is, while listening to a received TalkBox message, you can switch to the ear piece simply by holding the phone to your ear.

The voice quality is adequate and the overall experience is smooth and enjoyable. Not without problems, though. We tested the device on three devices and found the same problem on each – the app seemed unable to load Google Maps when geotags were opened. Perhaps that is the only reason as to why we are not able to present you with a visual proof of the existence that particular facet of TalkBox Voice Messenger.


Voice snippets/messages are stored in the SD card as per default settings. Good thing about the app, however, is that, you can switch to internal storage from Menu > Settings > Voice Storage.

Download the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link and start inviting your iOS and Android buddies.

Download TalkBox Voice Messenger For Android

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