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TalkOver For Android: Chat With Facebook Friends In Groups & Private

TalkOver for Android is a brand new way of interacting with your Facebook friends via real-time chat messages where you are the owner of your chat group, and have complete authority over deciding who can join the group, what content should be displayed on the channel, and what would be the general rules (privacy policy) of the group.

As a general user, you can also join various chat groups initiated by other Facebook users, explore the rich multimedia gallery, share your own photos, links and text messages, make friends with new people, start private (on-to-one) conversations with them, rate shared content, ignore specific users from being displayed on the chat list, and most importantly, choose from a maximum of four anonymous identities through which you wish to be recognized on the network.

Using TalkOver, you can also keep a close tab on all the activities based around your own chat groups or the entire global feed, explore interesting stuff, add chat groups to favorites, filter inappropriate content from the conversation history, get notification alerts for new activities, share the best content on Twitter, and lots more.

All this, just a login away. All you need to join in the fun is authorize the app to access your Facebook account, and you’re good to go.


On the app’s homescreen, you can find a couple of tabs that let you check various TalkOver Feeds, explore My Chats (your active/favorite chat groups), invite and mange Contacts, check your personal TalkOver Profile(s), and most importantly, create a new chat group using a default image and privacy settings of your choice.


The Feeds tab offers you three further tabs, namely My Feed, Global feed and Interesting. My Feed is where all the activities based around your favorite channels are listed. Global feed is all about checking out a universal list of all the activities (chat groups) going on the network, and joining an attractive one whereas the Interesting tab lists all the content that is featured/trending from the network.


While within a chat group, you can open links and images shared by other participants, download images, invite your Facebook friends, and share your own stuff. Tapping a message from the conversation history lets you rate it, or share it on Facebook/Twitter whereas tapping a username lets you check user stats, exclude him/her from the list, or add them to your contacts list. The conversation list keeps on updating in real-time so that you can instantly get the response of other users on your (and others’) messages.


All the active chat groups that you’ve joined can be seen, and added to favorites by tapping the My chats tab. Tapping the Profile tab lets you manage your TalkOver profile. In this regard, you have the option of defining as many as four different profiles where one would be your default (real) Facebook profile whereas the other three can be created using an anonymous identity. Only one profile can be set as the active one at any given instance. From the same screen, you can also check your extended TalkOver profile/stats, and manage the app’s notification settings. To help you easily understand the interface, the app also displays relevant tutorial screens where necessary.


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