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TapShot: Gesture Controlled Camera Replacement App For iPhone

As soon as you hear of a new camera replacement app for iOS, you might be tempted to think that it can’t be anything new, as there are so many of them already in the App Store. TapShot, however, is one camera app for iPhone which is sure to change this perception. TapShot relies completely on gestures to function, and using it, taking photos becomes so easy that you don’t have to do anything more than pointing your iDevice towards your target. The gestures are highly customizable, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.

TapShot Home TapShot Camera

The app’s homepage is pretty self-explanatory, and has detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on it. Once you get a hang of it, tap Exit and move on to the camera preview window. TapShot will snap a photo as soon as a face is detected. If you want to zoom in to a sign, just swipe upwards, and to zoom out, do the opposite. Swiping to the right sets off burst capture, which snaps 3 images in quick succession. If you want to switch to the front-facing camera, swipe left. Pinching the screen will let you choose focus and exposure values of the camera. Instead of gestures, you can also use the camera button in TapShot to shoot a photo any time you want.

TapShot Gestures TapShot Interface

If you think that TapShot is a bit limited, owing to the fact that you will have to learn all the gestures which have been defined by the developer, think again. The app offers pretty extensive customization, and you can make changes to both the interface and gestures. There are 4 gestures each for swiping and taps, and the app lets its users choose what they want to do on a particular gesture. You can also configure the actions which are carried out on multi-touch and whenever a face is detected by TapShot. In the Customize Interface menu, you get to personalize just about any area of the app, including toggling gridlines, making changes to buttons, and even changing the way tap/ swipe hints are displayed while in the camera window.

TapShot is a pretty unique app, and you can start using it as your default iPhone camera without having to give up any of the features offered by the stock iOS camera app. You can download this wonderful app by heading to the App Store link provided below.

Download TapShot


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