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Task Management For Android Phone With Tasker

The phone starts ringing when its not supposed to. It becomes way too much unethical when in working environment, dealing with clients, while in meetings, etc. An admiring solution to all this is an app called Tasker, which knows where you are, and switches to different profiles accordingly, so your Android device doesn’t become any more embarrassment for you. Certain set of tasks can be delivered with this app with pre-defined profiles based on time, date, location and event.

This basic and simple concept completely extends the control you have on your device. The key power towards this app is its capacity to combine context and tasks together. User Interface is pretty simple and does what it says. New tasks can be created and context can be submerged with them depending on applications, time, day, location, state, and event. Tasker can be turned on and off by a simple tap.


When creating a task, action categories pop up. All the actions have designated counts on them depending on their availability. More then 160 built in actions are available in 15 categories. Apart from all the basic categories like alerts, apps, audio, display etc., plugins category is placed exclusively for any locale compatible plugins that are installed on your Android device.


Tasks can be carried out based on a number of combinations which includes application, time, date, location, state (docked, charging), event and widget. Once an action is clicked accordingly with the task , sub-categories appear and settings can be done for each action. Icon addition is another great feature of this app. Icons can be downloaded and selected as per user choice. Tasker lets you configure these icons as widgets co-relating them to tasks and actions.


For example, some defined as home, office and lunch. Separate timings were adjusted for them with different contexts (auto brightness, radio off, popup tasks icon).


Finally, Tasker can record any movements done to the device. You can link those gestures to any of the pre-defined tasks. It automatically enables monitoring of any kind of movements and is much more advanced than previously reviewed Shake2MuteCall.

Definitely, one of the best free task management apps available for Android. This app might not be available in the app market depending on your location. This app was successfully tested on Galaxy S.

qrDownload from AppBrain or Use the QR code to download using the Android built in APK Installer.

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