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TaskCurrent: Get Practical Advice To Improve Your Skills [iPhone/iPad]

People are usually capable of doing a lot of impressive things, and all it takes is a word of encouragement or a spark of inspiration to bring out the best in most. It is better if you can find that inspiration within your own personality, but if you can’t, then an external stimulus is just the thing you need. While it may sound a bit ridiculous that an iOS app can inspire you to do anything, TaskCurrent is one such app which has the potential of doing just that. In order to use the app, you just have to define any goal, and a constant stream of sound advice will be provided to you at regular intervals. The best thing about the pieces of advice offered by TaskCurrent is that they are not mere words, but lay out actual steps for a suitable course of action. Read on to for clarification.

TaskCurrent Stream Store TaskCurrent Streams

It is possible connect your Facebook account with TaskCurrent, but you can keep using it without signing up. The whole concept behind TaskCurrent is to let users subscribe to various Streams, which are motivational topics dealing with problems faced in everyday life. The app has advice for everything, starting from food and ending with relationships and business. The main categories of streams are located in the Stream Store, and you can enter any of them that interest you. To view all the available streams regardless of their genre, there is the All Streams menu. While you can subscribe to most streams without any account, some of them will require that you link your Facebook account with the app. All the streams are free for now, so feel free to subscribe to as many as you want.

TaskCurrent My Cyrrent TaskCurrent Feed

All the feeds you subscribe to will appear in the My Current menu. Each stream won’t assign you a next to-do until you have marked the first one as done. It has to be kept in mind though that not all streams in TaskCurrent are for advice, and some are just informative ones, which will help in enhancing your general knowledge. The task assigned to you by the app can be shared with your friends over social media or via email. If your friends are using TaskCurrent as well, and you have chosen to connect with them, it is possible to stay up-to-date with their activities and the pieces of advice they have received recently.

TaskCurrent is a free app, and you can grasp its usefulness completely only after you have tried it. So, follow the link below and grab the app.

Download TaskCurrent

[via LifeHacker]

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