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Tasks For Android: Holo-Themed To-Do List App With Google Tasks Sync

To-do list and task management apps for Android are available in abundance in the Google Play Store, however, not all support syncing with Google Tasks. Moreover, you’d be hard-pressed to find an app from said genre that sports an Ice Cream Sandwich-style (Holo) theme. Enter Tasks – the latest addition to Android to-do list managers that has both features. Other salient features of Tasks include support for creating multiple tasks lists with option to add various subtasks under each (referred to as indented tasks), option to supplement each task/subtask with brief text notes, easy assortment/swapping of tasks on list via drag-and-drop, status bar notifications for due tasks, smooth UI animations, option to set task reminders at defined time intervals, and last but not the least, a nifty widget that lets you view a preferred task list, add new tasks to it, and mark tasks as ‘complete’ right from the homescreen.


With all the aforementioned features and an extremely user-friendly interface, Tasks easily qualifies as one of the best to-do list managers in the Google Play Store, and is at par with previously reviewed and highly acclaimed app, Any.DO.

When launched, the app fetches all the Google accounts that you’ve associated with your Android device. Just select the desired account, hit Continue, and confirm the the app’s authorization to access said account in order to head over to the app’s main interface that lists all Google Tasks. To add a new task, tap the ‘+’ button in the top-right corner of the screen. To mark a task as ‘done’, tap the checkbox preceding it. To perform said operation on a batch of tasks, long-press all desired tasks and hit a checkbox of any one of the highlighted ones. Upon marking a task as complete, you can see a ‘Clear completed tasks’ option pop up at the bottom of the screen. You can use this option, as its name implies, to remove all completed tasks from the list.


To rearrange a task on the list, just hold and drag on the icon on its right. Upon long-pressing a task, you’ll notice ‘<‘ and ‘>’ buttons at the top of the screen. To append the selected task(s) to a parent/main task, hit the ‘>’ button. To do the opposite (unlink subtasks from a main task), hit the ‘<‘ button.


Apart from selecting the option to rename the current task list, you can hit the Menu button to Clear/View completed tasks, Create task list, and/or jump to the app’s main Settings screen. Each new task list is added as a separate tab alongside the current list. Selecting General Preferences from the app’s settings screen lets you enable task reminders, and set the desired reminder time in multiple ways. Oddly enough, there is no option to set custom reminder time for tasks; all you can do in this regard is pick from a handful of options, including Midnight, Noon, 4am, 6am, A week in advance or A day in advance.


All in all, a nice and simple way to keep in sync with your Google Tasks list, with an additional option to create separate tasks and task lists right from within the app itself. As of now, Task allows syncing Google Tasks from one account only, which might disappoint Android users who are used to working with multiple Google Accounts.

Tasks is available in the Google Play Store as a free (ad-supported) and a $1.10 (ad-free) variant. A good thing with the free version is that it lets you enjoy the app absolutely ad-free for the first 10 days of installation.

Download Tasks Free for Android

Download Tasks for Android (Paid)


  1. I just switched from Any.DO. Forget the rest, this is the best one out there. Syncing with google tasks is very easy, you don’t have any strange screwups with syncing, no gimmicks, very fast, can navigate between many lists and accounts. Will buy. It’s also great for a big screen on tablets or phones like the Galaxy Note, because there’s a nice split screen in landscape mode.

    • Hi Guys

      I had this super app on a phone. I have changed mobile phone and would like to get it again. There are a lot of ‘Tasks’ apps on the play store at this stage.

      Who did this one? does anyone have a download link?


    • This app is pretty old now and I don’t think it’s being actively developed. Try the new Google Tasks app. That looks like a great upgrade.

      Personally I’ve moved to Microsoft To-Do, which does not work with Google but it has a Windows app.

  2. I don’t understand why you’d choose something like this instead of just using Google Calendar.

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