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Technology News Magazine eWeek Releases Its WP7 App

Even though Windows Phone 7 is a budding platform, there is no scarcity of news readers in its app Marketplace. Still, when a years-old technology news source the likes of eWeek launches its very own app, your first impulse should be to download it and try it out. With all the news apps out there already, what’s so different that eWEEk has to offer? Does it come up to par with the experience one would expect from a modern news app, or is it just another one of the bunch? Let’s find out after the jump!

eWEEK eWEEK main

The first great thing we’ve noticed is that eWEEK for Windows Phone 7, unlike quite a few other apps of its kind that follow a paid or subscription model, does not require you to create an account to access its content. Simply launch the app and start browsing through the latest tech news, no subscription required. This should make it a breeze for anyone to try it out, as you don’t have to shell out anything to give it a shot.

eWEEK divides news under five categories/tabs, namely Hot News, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Apps and Twitter. The refresh button at the bottom fetches the latest updates while tapping the button beside it displays five tiles, each representing the five categories of news provided by eWEEK. This makes navigation between different sections of the app a breeze.

Apart from the latest news from eWeek, the app fetches the eWEEKNews Twitter feed and articles by eWeek’s top editors. These articles are exclusive to the mobile client, and offer a curated news experience containing the top trending news on social media.

more options twitter

While reading an article, you can quickly switch between articles, share the current article over Facebook and Twitter, and return to the homepage using the options at the bottom of the screen.

The app is simple to use, easy-on-the-eyes and a must-have for all individuals hailing from the IT industry, as it helps you stay in touch with the latest happenings from the IT world without bothering you with news on other subjects like current affairs, politics, showbiz, sports and the like. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

Tried the app out and want to talk about your experience? Got another favorite tech news app for the Windows Phone 7 platform that you want to share with us? Drop us a comment below and join the discussion!

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