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Test Your Touch Screen After Buying An Android Phone

How would you test the touch screen of your Android phone? Keeping in mind that manufacturers are racing to fulfill the demand of Android phones worldwide, there are chances that some of them might get shipped with touch screen related defects. It is always recommended to test your device thoroughly before the warranty expires.

You can simply test your Android phone’s screen parameters and multi touch ability by using Touch Test. The app shows pointers and trails that are supported by the OS and hardware, making it useful for both end users and developers. Some multi touch screens can only support up to two touch points.

The text on the top left corner shows the display size (pixels) of your device. The point arrows at the corners can be used to check if the display driver is correctly mapping frame to the LCD. The active pointers are drawn in different colors (depending on your device’s multi touch capability). Circles mark the position of the pointers and trails represent the movement. Trails can be used to test the linearity of the touch panel.


Tested this on my Galaxy S and it definitely supports complete multi touch as I used all my five fingers. Test your device’s touch screen to see if it working fine and let us know what kind of touch they support!


Download from AppBrain or simply scan the QR code above.

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