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Sonalight Text By Voice: Send, Listen & Reply To SMS via Voice Commands [Android]

The latest voice recognition sensation Siri that has recently been introduced along with iPhone 4S might be the talking point among smartphone users right now, but there’s certainly something for the Android users to cheer about while discussing apps from the same genre for their beloved platform. If you’re familiar with voice recognition apps for Android, then you must’ve come across Vlingo – an Android app that takes voice commands from users, allowing them to control or access various aspects of your device. Sonalight Text by Voice, although not as feature-packed as the aforementioned app or as intelligent as Siri, is another useful Android app that puts Voice Recognition to good use and lets you record, send and repeat outgoing text messages through its own dedicated service. In addition, the app also reads all your incoming text messages and lets you repeat and reply to them without having to touch your device. What’s best about Sonalight is that it’s light-weight, requires minimum configuration. We delve into this handy app after the break.


The app’s homescreen allows you to record and send your messages straightaway. All you need to do to compose your messages is say “text by voice’”, wait for the app to affirm your command, say the recipients name, record your message, confirm it and finally, send it on its way.

As long as the app runs in the background, you may use voice commands to send your messages. Apart from reading incoming text messages, the app also notifies you of all the (outgoing/incoming) text messages through status bar notifications.


On the customization front, you may use the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings) to enable/disable various options such as read incoming texts aloud, listen for voice commands while running in the background, automatically switch the app ON while driving faster than 10 mph and set the app to send an automatic reply in case you don’t. In this regard, you have the choice to use the default auto-reply message or set a custom message. From the same screen, you may toggle the Use Google Voice service on/off and provide your Google username and password to use said service instead of the app’s default one. To disable the app’s service on your device, tap Menu > Turn Off & Exit.


Although the app is quite effective in its overall functionality, an added feature of sending texts to multiple recipients at once would be more than welcoming.

Download Sonalight Text by Voice for Android


  1. You know, I think it`s great to have such kind of function but…as for me I have to get used it. It`s difficult for me to remember that everything can be easier in use.

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