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teXty For Android Provides A Two-Tap Shortcut To Frequently Sent SMS

teXty for Android is a free app that saves you the hassle of having to type and send the same SMS to the same contacts over and over again. The freeware includes a home screen widget that, when tapped, displays a list of user-defined SMS shortcuts complete with custom headings, numbers and message bodies. The SMS entries/shortcuts are saved in the app itself and are not deleted on removal of the widget from the home screen.

teXty’s takes the functionality of SMS Bot Widget a few steps further. The latter only allows one SMS shortcut per widget and removing widgets from the home screen deletes the SMS entries stored in them. However, teXty does fall behind SMS Bot Widget in one aspect – creating SMS entries. While SMS Bot Widget allows you to pick a number from your contacts list while creating an SMS shortcut, teXty doesn’t. That’s right. As of this writing, the app requires you to enter numbers manually.

To add an SMS entry/shortcut, launch the application from your app drawer, press menu and tap Add entry. To edit or delete an existing entry, hold (long-click on) the entry to display its context menu and select the desired option.

Checking the Show alert dialog option will display a confirmation dialog box each time an SMS shortcut is selected from the app’s home screen widget.


Needless to say, the app is pretty handy. The widget is compact and only displays your SMS shortcuts when tapped, so you don’t have to worry about invasion of privacy. It also provides a two-tap shortcut to the app itself, in case you need to make a quick addition to your SMS entries.


You can grab teXty for free from the Android Market via the link given below.

Download teXty PreDef for Android

Update: A totally revamped version of teXty is out; it has been renamed to PreDef, and can be downloaded via the same link provided at the end of our review. Apart from a brand new moniker, the updated app sports gorgeous looks that seem to have been designed keeping the latest Android GUI guidelines in mind.

In addition, there are several subtle changes that have been incorporated into the updated app (v2.0). These include brand new widget icons, option to run the app in landscape orientation, support for posting messages extending beyond the conventional 160-characters mark, confirmed storing of sent messages, and various routine big fixes.


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