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The Guardian For WP7: A News App Which Makes Full Use Of The Metro UI

Metro is the signature and identity of Windows Phone 7. Those colorful boxes are the elements which make our favorite platform what it is, a really user friendly and easy to use OS that can be suitable for people of all ages and geekiness levels. But so far, before Mango at least, very few apps make full use of this feature. Now Mango is just hours away and luckily, developers seem to have gotten hold of the whole metro concept. The Guardian is a news app which exemplifies how metro should be used. The app is from the publishers of the British newspaper by the same name, and comes with a bunch of features which make it useful for Mango users all over the world. Like its other platform variants, The Guardian for WP7 too is available for free


Although the app is pretty basic in nature, it incorporates a pretty in-depth FAQ section which goes a long way in getting users familiar with it. That section can be found in the Settings menu on the homepage. The app’s homepage features all the latest news items published in the newspaper. The search option lets you find any topic you might be interested in.


The app also plays videos wherever there is one associated with an item. Favorites keep all your topics of interest saved in the form of tiles. The “Comment is free” section is where you can let all readers know what’s on your mind. If you are not in the UK currently, the app might still prove to be pretty useful for you as it has a pretty comprehensive World news section. In addition to that, the endless galleries and the capability to listen to podcasts make it a complete news app.

The app could get even better if future updates add the ability to save articles for offline viewing, and a few crashing issues are fixed. Also, The Guardian could really use the addition of the option to allow users to make scheduled downloads of podcasts each day, as most of them will keep coming back to grab new ones daily. Apart from all that, the overall impression given by the app is one of finesse and thoroughness. The sources are refreshed pretty regularly, making the app a must-have for WP7 users (specially those in Europe).  The Guardian for Windows Phone 7 can be found at the download link given below.

Download The Guardian for Windows Phone

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