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The Invisible Universe Is An Augmented Reality Telescope For Android

The urge to explore the unexplored has always pushed mankind to newer heights; the outcome of which is before us all in the fact that, we first made stepping on the moon a reality, and now the possibilities of finding signs of life of Mars are well transforming into a realistic notion. The Invisible Universe, a joint effort by Joshua Peek and Xperia Studio, reveals the hidden facets of the night sky and lets you glance into the multi-hued universe as astronomers do. With the advent of modern-day smartphones and tablets, combined with the unbelievably great concept of augmented reality, even the common man can dream of witnessing the world beyond ours. The Invisible Universe is a unique Android app that brings five different views of the universe from where you stand. The app uses your GPS position along with an augmented reality mechanism and a wide array of telescopic images from various parts of the world to portray different views of the sky at night along with displaying brief info about each. Screenshots and details of The Invisible Universe to follow after the break.

To start exploring the universe from an altogether different perspective, just launch The Invisible Universe, tap on the Open button and get amazing telescopic views of the night sky on your Android screen. Tap on the small dots present on the bottom to switch between different views and hit the Info button to find out brief information about each. Move your device around to view the Universe around you and pinch to zoom in and out.

Provided we (the common people) know very less about our universe and the hidden mysteries in between, apps such as The Invisible Universe serve a great purpose of providing a window to the Universe beyond our own planet. In this context, not only does the app qualify as a useful learning tool for general users but could also serve as a fun trinket for budding astronomers. The Invisible Universe is available in the Android Market free of cost and requires Android OS 2.2 or higher to run.

Note: As of this writing, the app does not function properly on all devices. We were only able to see the first of the five views. The rest simply displayed a blank screen

To find out more on the app and the project itself, check out the video provided below.

Download The Invisible Universe for Android

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