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The Music World In Your Pocket Via Vevo For Windows Phone 7

If you are a regular user of Youtube and love listening to music, then the name Vevo is sure to ring a bell for you. In less than 2 years this popular service has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Vevo is the ultimate source of latest and upcoming music. Hosting more than 50,000 videos, it has a partnership with Google and licensing rights to most of the major record labels. Vevo is appreciated by artists because it goes a long way in preventing copyright infringements and to give users the music they want in one place. All in all if you are in touch with Vevo, you are in touch with music. Now imagine all that available on your Windows Phone 7, and that too for free.


Yes, Vevo has arrived on WP7 with a classy app developed to take maximum advantage of WP7’s Metro UI and other features. The app promises to keep you up to date with latest videos becoming available as soon as they are released. One of the best features of this app is the ability to stream live. Vevo telecasts live concerts and video premiers from all over the world. It’s true that these things are also available on their website but having all this on your phone in a single app streamlines the whole process. You can listen to all your favorite music on the go thanks to this app without having to wait for the releases to trickle down to you.

Vevo also saves you from the guilt of listening to illegal music as all the songs released on Vevo are official versions, with artists signing actual contracts with this service. The app gives you customizable playlists, which you can order or modify any way you want. Every once in a while Vevo decided to give a new artist a boost by sending suggestions pertaining to that particular singer to all the users. This is termed as a Lift and is a bitter-sweet feature. A Lift can be annoying if you don’t like the artist but on the other hand it is quite a useful platform for emerging singers and can be pretty fun for the users too.

The easy sharing sums up the app, with single-click sharing available for Twitter and Facebook. If you like any video and want to post it to your profile on these social networking sites, simply press the button under the video bearing the respective marks of these sites.

The potential problem with the Vevo app could be that it is unavailable for some countries. And even where it is available, it is possible that some of the features or videos are not available for your country because of copyright issues.

Download Vevo For Windows Phone 7

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