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The Official TED App Brings Its Database of Inspiring Talks To iPhone

There comes a time in every person’s life when there seems to be no feasible solution to a problem. There are two paths that spring from such circumstances; you can give up on everything and let fate be the winner, or you can continue the struggle and become a better person. But where does that will to carry on come from? Such an inspiration could arrive from anywhere, but people who themselves have lead inspired lives can best inspire others to greatness. TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a platform where such inspirational people gather to share their views and motivate others. If you have an iDevice, you can view talks and videos from TED, and listen to the TED audio feed on the go. Initially released only for the iPad, the official TED app is now available on the iPhone as well.

TED iPhone Ted Featured

The first section that greets you on the iPhone version of the app contains Featured content from TED. In the subcategories here, you can view videos that are picked by the TED team. Videos can be sorted on the basis of New and Popular. Each entry has a page of its own wherein, not only can you view the video, but also view the contents of that talk, and get to know the speaker a bit.

TED Radio TED Categories

Like with most apps listing diverse content, you can search through TED for talks by a particular speaker, or on a specific topic. If you want to view all the talks listed under a particular topic or category, go to the Archives. Within this section, you’ll find all content listed under different tags. If you can’t find something on the app that you think should be there, you may add such ideas to the My Talks section. The app also allows you to listen to the official radio channel run by TED that streams live all over the world.

TED Inspire Me TED Time Limit TED Selection

The most interesting section of the app is the Inspire Me tab. Within this section, the app asks you to specify the category that you would like to browse through, and the time that you can spare. On the basis of these two conditions, you are presented with a random talk from the chosen category, with a length within the specified time span.

The official TED app is available in the iTunes App Store as a free download. You can grab it at the link provided below.

Download TED

Update: TED’s official Android client is now available as well, and you can download it from the following link.

TED (Android)

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