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The Unofficial Klout App For WP7 Makes Its Way To The Marketplace

There is no shortage of social networking services in today’s cyber world. Be it Facebook or Twitter, almost everyone is connected to people via these digital meeting places. Social networking is not just a means of staying in touch with your loved ones, it can be used as a business tool as well. A person’s social network reflects the personality and amount of influence they hold over their social circle. Klout is a service which gives a numeric value to that social influence you have over people you are connected with. The service is pretty well-known, and has had some Windows Phone 7 clients in the past as well, but most of them suffered issues, or just weren’t good enough. However the latest addition to the Marketplace by the developer AHEAD Applications seems to have found the sweet spot.

Klout WP7 Klout WP7 Details Klout WP7 Influences

You need to use your Twitter username to sign in to the app (password not required), and once the app has pulled your Twitter information from the web, your Klout score will automatically be calculated. The main page shows your Klout level, along with the total score you have. Your Twitter Bio is also shown on this page as your profile description. On the My Details page you can view your complete Klout data, including true reach, amplication, network Klout and your current score.

The app also has sections to show the people you have been influenced by, and by tapping their score, you can visit their profiles. To log out and check the Klout for a different profile, you have to tap the Settings button in the bottom right. Even though the app is pretty simple in its interface and working, it does get the work done and using it you can handle every aspect of your Klout account. It would have been even more useful if there was Facebook integration in Klout, but that’s not possible due to limitations of the service’s API. The app is free and available at the link below.

Download Klout for Windows Phone

 Update: You can now view the Klout score of others and yourself merely by tapping the display photo on the profile. A video tutorial has also been added to the app for those who couldn’t grasp the concept behind Klout properly. One of the coolest features that Klout has now got is the ability to pin other users to the Start screen. Their live tiles will be updated continuously to display the changes in their influence.

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