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The Weather Channel For Windows Phone 7 [Review]

Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new mobile platform and thus has fewer apps compared to some other operating systems. But some things in life are absolute constants. No matter how advanced we become, how modernized and automated our daily lives are, we will always depend on weather in some way. To integrate this primal need with our smartphone gives the perfect combination of convenience and usability. There are a number of weather apps available for WP7, which keep you up to date with your area’s current weather. Among such apps, one free app is the official mobile client for The Weather Channel news network. So what exactly does Weather Channel do?

Following are some of the salient features of this useful app.

  1. Weather ChannelYour WP7 device provides the app with your current location automatically and you get updates of your area. The app achieves this with the help of some local channel specific to your area.
  2. You can also set your location manually. This is helpful if your GPS is inaccurate or if you want the weather of some other location.
  3. The weather details you get include low and high temperatures of the day, humidity, UV index, etc. But that is not all by any means. You can also read a detailed forecast for any given date, which is usually a paragraph highlighting the expected weather situation. The best thing about this feature is the fact that the text is very human, and not just a predefined snippet that keeps repeating each day.
  4. You not only have your own city’s weather updates, you can also set up updates for any city you want.
  5. Radar image is an image of your area taken via satellite.
  6. In some chosen areas you have premium services like Traffic Cameras and Weather Videos which give you real time data and imagery on your area’s weather.

Overall this app is a pretty useful addition to the Marketplace, although it has some issues like complaints of slow update of weather and sometimes inaccurate  location locking. Some users have also claimed that the live tile refused to update for them often enough, but that can be forgiven as this issue plagues most Mango apps that run in the background (specially weather apps). But since the app is free, you must try it as it is worth having on your WP7 phone.

Download The Weather Channel for Windows Phone

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