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Thuuz: Sports Alerts Sorted By Level Of Excitement [Android & iPhone]

Although there is no shortage of sports-based app in the mobile app stores, not all are meant to allow you share your fervor with other sports fanatics around the globe. If you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic and own an Android or iOS powered mobile device, then you must try Thuuz – a free app that keeps you updated about all the thrilling sporting contests in and around your region in a slightly different, yet exciting way. Stay updated of your favorite pro and college sports and follow them in real-time. Tune into live games, check instant video replays (requires zip code) or cheer for your favorite sports (literally). Thuuz makes it all possible.


Designed using a simple interface, Thuuz lets you pick your favorite sports (from MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball/Football, NFL, NHL, Cricket, Rugby and lots more) and your favorite TV Provider (selected regions only) so that you never miss the action. Select your favorite sports from the app’s home screen and browse upcoming sporting events on a daily basis. Select Menu > Alerts from any screen within the app to get latest alerts for the sports you’re following. Quickly find a nearby bar/restaurant to join the action live by tapping on Find a local sorts bar button from the event’s info screen (requires GPS).


Thuuz uses a unique algorithm to judge excitement levels for your favorite sports, leagues, conferences and even players. The app displays real-time excitement levels of all the games that are running live, and lets users check predicted excitement for upcoming sporting festivals. You can also adjust the excitement threshold for each of your favorite sports and get notified instantly when something of your interest happens in the sports arena. The app fetches the most exciting phases of recently concluded games so that you can view the best moments later if you weren’t able to catch the game live. Push notifications can be enabled/disabled easily from app’s settings screen.


With Thuuz, you can rest assured that you’ll never miss a moment of excitement of your favorite sports. The app is available for free on both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. Visit your respective app store to download Thuuz (links provided below). The Android variant of Thuuz requires Android v2.2, whereas the iOS variant requires iOS v4.2 or higher to run.

Download Thuuz for Android

Download Thuuz for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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