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Time Off For iPhone: Manage & Maintain Your Leave Log/ Vacation Time

Almost every organization emphasizes upon their employees to maintain discipline and strictly follow the policies laid out by the management. One of the most important issues regarding discipline is the number of days off you avail every month. Mostly, employees are allotted a specific number of off days at the beginning of every year, but usually people rely upon their manager to keep track of the leaves they have used so far. Time Off is an iOS app that can be of assistance to workers, as well as their supervisors, because it helps its users to keep track of the holiday time and leaves which have been availed until any given time. Not only that, using this iPhone app, you can request for a leave straightaway by sending a predefined email to your boss.

Time Off iOS Time Off Job

Before you can get started with Time Off, you have to add the specifics of your job in the Add New Job section. This menu requires you to enter the name of your company, and the date the fiscal year starts there. In the Employee field, you have to enter your own name and email address, while the Supervisor box takes these same particulars for the person who approves your leave requests. If you are managing more than one worker, you can add multiple jobs to Time Off as well.

Time Off Overview Time Off Vacation Edit

For each added job, you have to define the leave structure applicable to the current year. Time Off uses color coding to differentiate between different type of leaves. You can assign a color to each type of holiday. Some categories are already defined in the app, like Vacation, Personal and Sick leaves, while you can add any category of your own too via the Others section. When you start making changes to a category, you have to define the Days Allotted Per Year, as well as if the leaves will rollover to the next year if some of them are not availed.

Time Off Leave Request Time Off Report

Each time you have to take a day off from work, you can use Time Off to email your supervisor from within the app, using the Request Time Off menu. If you have already got approval, there is the option to add the leave to your log straight away. The best part of Time Off is its ability to generate detailed reports regarding your leave log. The reports can be created in Excel, HTML or plain text formats, and you can mail it to anyone from there.

Time Off brings all these features to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is a must-have if you want to make sure that you use your leaves wisely.

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