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Tiny Review For iPhone: Snap, Share & Review In Three Short Lines

Tiny Review is an app which employs a concept that is pretty similar to the one Shortmail is based upon. Shortmail is an iPhone email client we reviewed a few days back that only allows users to send and receive messages 500 characters or less in length. Tiny Review takes the whole emphasis on conciseness to a new level. It is a social network of sorts that allows you to share reviews about virtually anything that you come across, but the review has to be worded in 3 short phrases. If you want to know some thorough details about the place or thing, Tiny Review is not the app you want, but for viewing lots of information quickly, Tiny Review is perfect.

Tiny Review iOS Tiny Review iOS Profile

Here’s a bit of a drawback of Tiny Review; you need to have a Facebook account to sign in to the app. Although the developer team promises that more login options will be made available soon, for now you are stuck with Facebook. The homepage of Tiny Review features posts from Nearby. Actually, all the posts in the app are listed here, but they are sorted based upon the distance from your current location. By default, your Tiny Review profile is the same as your Facebook one, but you can edit it and have a new social life on the app’s own network. In Tiny Review’s network, you can follow or un-follow any other user.

Tiny Review iOS Nearby Tiny Review iOS Post Tiny Review iOS Titles

As the app tells you itself, there are two ways of reviewing something. You can snap a picture from your device’s camera and then write about that place or object in 3 words. The other option is to search for and review the picture of a particular item shared by another user. The Activity section of Tiny Review shows the items your contacts have shared.

This free app has the potential of becoming pretty popular, but there are a few things that can turn users away, like the Facebook–only login. You can give Tiny Review a try at the link below.

Download Tiny Review for iOS

[via AppAdvice]

 Update: On user demand, the developer of Tiny Review has added new login options to the app. Thanks to the app’s latest update it is possible to sign in via your email credentials or your Twitter account, so that you don’t have to compromise the security of your precious Facebook data. Other changes include the option to skip addition of location data to photos and a few enhancements in the Activity feed.

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