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Tinydesk Writer: A Better WYSIWYG Editor For Your WordPress Blog [iOS]

Most casual blogs are a result of the musings of people who are bored with their daily lives, and want others to share in that boredom. Blogging isn’t a bad idea at all if you have got the time and the inclination, as you never know how many people might find your words interesting, or can relate to them. WordPress is a widely-used CMS platform, favored by people who are new to the blogosphere (although many well-reputed blogs use WordPress as well). While most people use the web version of WordPress to compose and edit posts on their blogs, the CMS does have official Android and iOS apps as well. However, the truth of the matter is that the official iOS app for WordPress is not very good, and the editor can certainly use a lot of changes. You don’t have to wait for that app to get an update though, there are better alternatives available for it, like Tinydesk Writer. Using this app, you can manage any WordPress blog, compose posts, edit them and it will even let you preview the writings before you actually publish them.

Tinydesk Writer Posts Tinydesk Writer Photos

To get started with Tinydesk Writer, you will have to enter the URL of your website, along with the username and password. The app allows you to set up any number of blogs and user accounts in this way, and you can switch between them from the main page of Tinydesk Writer. As soon as you enter a blog or any user account, you will see that there are 4 main sections, using which you can completely manage your blog. To view the recent posts, tap the Posts tab in the bottom bar, and you will be able to see the recent additions to the blog. The posts which have not yet been published show the Draft tag next to them, and you can also see the time of the post and its author. Just like Posts, there is a dedicated section for Media, where it is possible to manage the photos and videos you might have added to any of the recent posts. Comments can be moderated using the app as well.

Tinydesk Writer Edit Post Tinydesk Writer Settings

The real usefulness of the app shows itself when you start editing a post. It is possible to view posts in both HTML and Visual formats, and you can even manage tags from the editor. In each post’s Settings it is possible to manage other aspects like allowing comments and pings. From there same menu, it can be chosen whether the post is to be merely saved for now, or if you want to publish it straight away. Tinydesk Writer recently went free, and if you have a WordPress blog and an iDevice, you just can’t miss this offer.

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