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Top Ten iOS 4 Features

The Official iOS 4 release for public will be available for download anytime tomorrow and most of the iPhone and iPod Touch users are getting prepared to get this new firmware on their devices.

The iOS 4 comes jam-packed with some highly intriguing and useful features. The iOS 4 carries more than 100 new features, tweaks and enhancements, but in this post we will be focusing on the most important of them all.

  1. Multitasking: This is one feature that iDevices were missing since their advent back in 2007. Now it is official that you will be able to surf the internet, do some tweets, update your Facebook status simultaneously. Although this will be an awesome inculcation, but battery life and support will also be compromised on iPhone 3G and 3GS.
  2. Multiple Exchange Accounts: In this new iOS 4, you are at liberty to integrate as many exchange accounts as you please. Apart from this you will also be able to synch your notes with platforms like GMAIL and Mobile Me. This iOS 4 firmware also supports Exchange 2010.
  3. 5 X Camera Zoom: iOS 4 enhances every tidbit of your iPhone and this was the much awaited one. Before the advent of 5X zoom, there were multiple apps that could help you zoom but you had to pay for them. Now, with this functionality going stock, you can zoom in and zoom out for free.
  4. Wi-Fi Stable In Sleep Mode: This is another awesome enhancement particularly for users who will be using the official iOS 4 on their iPod Touch devices. With this available, you can receive calls from Skype and other VoiP services  in sleep mode.
  5. Stream Youtube Videos In safari: In case your official iPhone Youtube app gets some problem or gets deleted due to any reason, you can still stream the videos in Safari browser. We don’t know how exactly this happened after Adobe and Apple row, but as far as it works; it is good for us. You can also play video in the portrait mode with iOS 4.
  6. Supports Bluetooth Keyboard Tethering: The new iOS 4 also supports keyboard Bluetooth tethering which was previously unavailable. You can now type your SMS’s etc on your keyboard while tethered on your device.
  7. Enhanced Email Attachments: You will be able to get a preview of the attachment before downloading it to your device.
  8. iOS 4 SSL VPN: Seems like Apple is opening up a bit with introducing SSL VPN access which was previously not available. Now you will be able to secure VPN access through your browsers and other net-based apps.
  9. Video Autofocus: iOS 4 video recorder is now integrated with Auto Video Focus which will allow your iPhone 3G and 3GS generate better results. iPhone 4 already has a 720p HD video recording capability.
  10. Editing and Rotating Photos: With iOs 4 you can also edit and rotate your camera photos and other pictures. You can also resize the images for Email or MMS before sending them.

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