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Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet Gets Root

Thrive Android tablet is Toshiba’s first dive in to already raging Android tab wars. And as soon as the development community got hold on this masterpiece from Toshiba, they wasted no time in attempting root on this device. And for now, there is a permanent root available for Toshiba Thrive that came at an expense of bricking two or three units. The current status of Toshiba Thrive root has been declared as “achieved”, but developers are hard at work to stabilize the system and make user friendly tools. According to Thrive Forums, the root is permanent but they need to pull some strings and tinker with ode to allow Read / Write the Android system directory. Apparently ClockworkMod Recovery has also been ported to this tab, but due to it’s temporary and highly volatile nature, it’s not available for public consumption.


Here is some detail on how rooting process went for Toshiba thrive:

1: NatolX bricked his Thrive attempting to flash the Xoom boot.img, proving we have an unlocked bootloader
2:austeregrim was the first to attempt a custom flash, but was the first to get Root (even if only in shell form by bootlooping his Thrive) his root allowed us to get deeper access to system and boot files, which then allowed for
3: oe800 to use Koush’s tutorial to port Clockworkmod Recovery to the Thrive
4: The whole time the TabletRoms team was walking us through these steps and provided the modified boot.img
5: Dalepl was the second with root, but first to have it fully boot back and have Superuser permissions
6: Mine is the 3rd with root, second with Superuser permissions in a booted Thrive, and my Clockworkmod backup allowed both NatolX (Tribute) and austeregrim to nandroid restore their Thrives back to life, no longer soft-bricked!

And the credits for attaining this root goes to:

NatolX (Tribute)

You can head to Thrive forums and checkout developments on your own. We are unable to post any rooting method for now because of it’s highly complicated nature. We believe that a one click exploit will be available soon to solve rooting desires of noobs like us.


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