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Total Defense 3D HD: Futuristic Tower Defense With Stunning Visuals [iPad Game]

Tower defense has become quite a popular genre of videogames on mobile phones, especially with the introduction of touchscreen devices. Touchscreens let developers create a more fluid experience for strategy games due to the fact that you can use tapping gestures that work in quite the same manner, and in some cases, even better than the clicks of a computer mouse. If you’re fond of playing strategic tower defense games on handheld devices, then you’ll absolutely love Total Defense 3D HD for the iPad. The game fully utilizes the iPad’s larger display, packing an easy control mechanism and amazing 3D visuals. Read ahead for an in-depth review of the game.

Total Defense 3D Homescreen Total Defense 3D Settings Menu

The game takes place on four different planets far away in the galaxy. There is not much of a story here, other than the brief descriptions that are provided during the start of each mission. The people in the game’s world live under a cruel tyrant’s heel, there is no force strong enough to oppose him, and it’s up to the player to build a force strong enough to overthrow the villain.

Only one planet is unlocked when you start the game for the first time, and each planet has its own repository of missions. All missions are more or less the same, with some slight variations. Mission difficulty may be set at the start of each level.

Total Defense 3D Planet Lock Total Defense 3D Planet Selection

The gameplay comprises of building defensive structures in order to defend your base, which continuously gets attacked by waves of enemy units. The structures are upgradable, of course, and as in most tower defense games, the player needs to collect resources in order to build new structures or purchase upgrades. Basic control scheme includes pinch to zoom in and out, use dragging gestures to pan, and pivot with two fingers to rotate of the overhead view.

You can select your guns from the upper left corner of the screen, and there are buttons for targetting a particular enemy, pausing and doubling gameplay speed (x2) button at the extreme right. The HUD also lets you keep an eye on the upcoming enemy waves along with the number of resources that you have left. As far as resources are concerned, they are automatically collected by your defensive structures, so make sure they’re carefully placed.

Total Defense 3D Level Select Total Defense 3D Skills

The game has some of the best visuals we have seen on an iOS game. Textures are really sharp, 3D models seem detailed, and explosions look absolutely awesome. Despite all that, the game runs super smooth, creating a wonderful overall experience. The military-themed background tones go very well with the game too.

Total Defense 3D Gameplay 2

So there you have it, with gorgeous graphics and super-fun gameplay that promises to keep you busy for hours, Total Defense 3D HD is perhaps one of the best games we have played on the iOS platform yet.

The game has both a free and a paid version on the iTunes App Store. The full version is currently available for free, but only for a limited time. The first link of the two provided below will take you to its App Store page. Grab it while the offer lasts!

Download Total Defense 3D HD (Paid, Free for a limited time)

Download Total Defense 3D HD Lite (Free)

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