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Track Concerts Of Your Favorite Music Artists With GigBeat [Android]

Want to know where your favorite music stars are performing next? Why not follow them with GigBeat? GigBeat is a location-based app for Android (smartphones and tablets) that lets you keep a close check on the upcoming concerts of your favorite music stars through a unique scan/search and track mechanism. The app looks through your Songkick and Last.fm accounts and the songs stored on your device to judges your favorite artists and displays all their upcoming musical events on a map. The app displays detailed information of worldwide musical concerts and also alerts you of your favorite upcoming events through push notifications.

With GigBeat, you are always informed of where your favorite artists are scheduled to perform next. The app, with the help of GPS, displays event location on a map. The app’s extended search feature helps tracking artists and events by your current location. Based on your musical tastes and preferences, the app also suggests various artists that you may like to follow.


How does GigBeat judge your musical taste? Once you install and launch GigBeat on your Android, it automatically fetches list of all the artists found in your music library and displays their upcoming events (with date and location). All the information pertaining to your favorite artists, events and location is displayed through four buttons that make up most of the app’s home screen. Also on the homescreen, you have your GigBeat search bar and a refresh button to update content when required. You can also manually search for artists/events, add them to your favorites, purchase concert tickets (for Songkick users only) and plan a rocking musical night with your friends in town.


All the artists found on your music library or added manually are displayed under the Artists button. Just tap on the name of your favorite artist to display the list of their upcoming events. Tap on an event to get its details, view it on the map and/or book tickets from the Songkick website. Tapping the Events button on the app’s homescreen displays a comprehensive events list of all the followed artists sorted by date. You can add an event to your favorites list and/or share it with your friends.

From the Location button, you can view your current location and all the events happening around you. You can also manually search for a location and get a detailed list of all upcoming concerts in that particular area.

To customize app settings, tap Menu > Settings (from any screen). From the settings page, you can easily rescan the list of artists and enable/disable and customize notification settings for upcoming events and new event dates.


Download GigBeat for Android

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