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Track Location Of Your Employees With GPS Punch! For iOS

You have spent a fortune on your employees to get a contract overseas, but despite their established competency locally, they have been unable to achieve the tasks assigned overseas. Could it be that they have been involved more in pleasure than business? GPS Punch! for your iOS device lets you keep tabs on each and every move of your employees when they are travelling abroad, so you can ensure they are attending their scheduled meetings on time, and achieve the milestones that have been set for them. The app allows you to create groups by inviting people to join through SMS or email, and can also come in handy when you just want to keep tabs on the movements of perhaps your kids, or even partner/spouse.

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After installation, you can create a group for your employees to join later. Just enter a Name and Password, and the app assigns you an ID for your group, with which your employees can Join Group later. GPS Punch! requests your physical location, so that it can keep a track of your, as well as your employees’, locations thereafter.

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The app presents five main options, namely, Groups, Status, Record, History and Settings. You may Invite a New Member through Groups. The Status tab lets you view your current location, while List gives an overview of the members of the group, and their present status.

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Members of the group can update their status using the bubble icon on top, and these statuses are shown with each member in the List mode. Settings offers tweaking preferences such as changing username and password, and Groups Management, where you can set the Administrator privileges to only yourself with Personal, or to the entire group by tapping All.

GPS Punch! comes with a few bugs, too. For instance, it crashed upon tapping History after having been used for a few times. Inviting people through email was also a little problematic. Despite the shortcomings, however, considering that it is a free app (ad-supported, though), it may still merit a try. You can find it at the iTunes link below.

Download GPS Punch!

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