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Track & Share Your Travels With Friends Using HipGeo For iPhone

HipGeo is an app for iPhone and iPad (models with A-GPS) which lets its users share complete details, photos, places and routes with their friends whenever and wherever they are travelling with their iOS device. Even if you are not a very social person, the app is very useful for maintaining a comprehensive travel log of your treks. Read on for an overview of the app.

HipGeoHipGeo Profile Picture

First things first, you need to sign up for a new HipGeo account before you can use the app. All it requires is your email address (or any social networking ID) and a new password. Once your profile has been created, you can choose to put on a new profile picture or go with the default placeholder. Once done with the setup, the app offers you a choice to see a tutorial on what the app is all about or skip it and go straight to the homepage.

HipGeo HomepageHipGeo Settings

The homepage is divided into 6 categories, but we will come back to them in a while. First take a look at the bottom bar in HipGeo. The Tracking toggle control lets you choose when you want the app to start recording your route and places, and when you want it to stop. The small button next to Tacking will take you to a new menu where you can choose between route saving or just places record. Saving a whole route is a bit of a battery killer but the the end result makes it worthwhile. From the settings menu, you can make changes to your profile along with a few other customizable settings.

HipGeo FeedHipGeo PeopleHipGeo Maps

Coming to the app’s main options, Activity is a complete feed of public posts by other people using HipGeo. This area also contains updates from any friends you might have added to the app. Your friends’ feed can also be viewed from within the Friends menu on the homepage. The way HipGeo works is that you drop pins on your current location and the place you plan on visiting. Once that is done, the app automatically starts logging your route to the chosen location. After you have done that, you can share your route via Facebook, Twitter or email. Not only that, the app lets you take photos, which are automatically tagged with the location they were taken at. These photos can then be shared publicly or with friends.

HipGeo serves as a travel log/ location-based social network, and you get this dual functionality for free. Link to the app’s iTunes page is provided below.

Download HipGeo

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