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Traffic4All: Traffic Maps & Road Activity Reporting For WP7 Users

There’s nothing worse than running late for work and then getting stuck in traffic just before reaching your office. Thankfully, there are always alternate routes available in life, even if longer. So, if you want to make sure that you never get stuck in a traffic jam again, there’s an app for that. Using Navigon’s Traffic4All, Windows Phone 7 users can now stay up-to-date with the condition of traffic in their area and even get to know if there’s some activity on the roads which will obstruct the flow of traffic. To make things a little more simple to understand, you can consider Traffic4All as a cross between the popular Waze service and any reputable navigation app. If things go in the right direction, and too many people don’t fall in love with Nokia Drive, this app has the potential to become the only navigation app you will ever need on your Windows Phone, as it provides detailed navigation directions and that too by taking all the potential obstacles and delays into account.

Traffic4allTraffic4all Timely Forecast

The app is powered by INRIX and most of the data it gets is from that service. However, it does come with a few innovative features of its own, the best being its timeline of forecast, which will let you know about the expected flow of traffic on a particular road or in a specific area. This gives you the liberty to choose any area (US and Europe are covered, but even if you aren’t in either, you can give the app a try to see if it works for you). Once the maps take you to your specified area, you have to tap the clock icon at the left of your screen to bring forth the timeline. Select a time period and the map will update to show you the expected traffic flow there.

Traffic4all IncidentTraffic4all Incident TypesTraffic4all Incident List

Incident reporting is the second most important feature of Traffic4All. It’s all about collaboration within the community in a particular area. Whenever there is an accident or a road is under construction, other users can mark that area so that future users may avoid it. Anything that might slow traffic down constitutes an incident in Traffic4All terms. The app is ad-supported in its free version but does not impose any limitations on features. Alternatively, you may choose to get rid of the advertisements by paying $1.29 for the paid version.

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[via WPCentral]

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