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Transfer Office Files To Your Windows Phone 7 Device

Although MS Office and Windows are both products of Microsoft, it is surprising to note that there is no clear-cut way to transfer your Office word documents, excel spreadsheets, and powerpoints on your PC to your Windows Phone 7 device. But this task can be very important in certain situations. WP7 gives you the functionality to edit, view and create office documents, but it will be very useful if you could just carry your work to your mobile device.This is possible by using simple procedures like mailing the file to yourself and then downloading it from your phone. You have to go through all that because Zune lacks support for Office files.

For achieving this feat, a method has been developed by the awesome developer at Marauderz Stuff. This program has a few bugs at the moment like sometimes it can give you a completely blank browser page when you try to load something, but overall it seems to be working fine for most users. So without further ado, here’s the method.

Office WP7


  1. From your PC go to the given download link and get the file named “SimpleWebserver”. Save this file on the desktop of your PC or any place that is convenient for you.
  2. Create a folder in your PC and place all the Office docs in it that you have to share.
  3. Open the folder of the downloaded application and click on the 2nd icon, which will run the app.
  4. Once the app dialog is opened, click on “Select Folder” and guide the file path to the folder you created for placing Office docs.
  5. Do not change any other value (including Port address) and click on “Start Service”.
  6. Once the service is running, put in the address of your mobile browser and you will have the desired docs on your WP7 phone!

Most users have appreciated this handy little app but some have termed it as extraneous and unnecessary. Personally, I sync my Windows Phone’s Office files with SkyDrive, so that they can be accessed at a moment’s notice. However, for those not having internet connectivity on their device or computer, access to something like this application can prove to be a real blessing. Also, if there are a lot of Office files that you need to sync with your phone, or the size of the files is rather big, this manual syncing method can turn out to be just the thing you need on your device.

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  • Bruce Li

    oh one can also use HFS server. And I have made a simply app called PC File Download which provides a simple to use user interface.

  • Prakashraov

    I have not understood the last step(6). I have tried as per the procedure you have recommended, but I couls not see any files on my mobile. would you pls elaborate the last step

    • Hamza_Khalid

      It means that you should go to the Internet Explorer in your WP7, and put in the address the application on PC provides in step 4. The one which starts with http://

      Make sure that you have an active internet connection on your phone when you do that. When you key in the given address, you will see a list of directories and files found at the location you chose in step 4 of our instructions. Tap on any DOCX file and it will be saved to your phone.

  • santhozh

    this is awesome… wont it work with share point… ???

  • Raditya

    Sorry, i have following all the steps but it says “We’re having trouble displaying this page” I don’t get it -_- is your server down or something? email me please for the answer, i really need this

  • Raditya

    Sorry, i have tried it on my laptop and it works fine. But probably i can’t download it through my Windows Phone?