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Transparency: Make App Icons Invisible & Remove Badges/ Labels [Cydia]

Not every iOS app or Cydia tweak has to be there for productivity and usefulness, as if that were the case, the whole genre of Games won’t have existed. There are things other than games, however, which do not let you perform some really unique task on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but still is pretty cool. We are, of course, talking about cosmetic tweaks and apps. If you have a jailbroken iDevice, then the level of customization you gain access to is amazing. It is possible for jailbroken users to customize just about any part of iOS, and that is exactly what Transparency is all about. The newly released Cydia tweak lets users change the appearance of the Springboard of their iPhone in ways which previously required a lot of different tweaks, or were too complicated for ordinary users to accomplish. Using Transparency you can render the app icons invisible, remove badges from them and customize even something as small as the shadows and reflections behind the icons.

Transparency Settings Transparency Labels Transparency Icons

After you have installed the tweak to your iDevice, don’t be too alarmed when you navigate back to the Springboard, as all the app icons there will have vanished, leaving behind just the labels underneath each app. To make changes to the default settings, or to restore the icons, go to the stock Settings app, and you will find that a new menu has been added to it, named Transparency (after the tweak itself). The first toggle in the menu lets users enable or disable Transparency altogether, but there is a lot more which can be done. To remove even the app names beneath the invisible icons, you have to toggle on the No Icon Labels, giving you a complete ghost Springboard. It is also possible to switch the icons back on but remove their labels.

Transparency has a separate button for the stock Calendar app, and you can switch just that off from No Date on Calendar toggle. Using the tweak, you can toggle on and off icon shadows, reflections of app icons on the dock and the dots which display the total number of screens on your Springboard. Transparency is a free tweak, and you can download it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. It brings some really good customization options to the Springboard of your iDevice, and a must-have if you like personalizing every aspect of your iPhone.

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