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Trapster Brings Its Crowd-Sourced Navigation Assistance To WP7

Trapster is a well-known name when it comes to navigation apps for smartphones. Unfortunately, the app didn’t have a Windows Phone 7 client till now. Happily, that changes this morning, and the official Trapster app for WP7 is now in the Marketplace. If you don’t know what Trapster is, the service is designed to help drivers in finding out all about the roads they are travelling on. Many maps apps can plan routes for users, but Trapster uses feedback from users to generate a more practical and realistic map, which highlights all the obstacles you might come across when driving through any area. Like all good navigation apps, Trapster supports audio instructions, and will alert you vocally whenever you are near an trap or obstacle. Read on for details.

Trapster WP7 Trapster WP7 Options Trapster WP7 Settings

Before you can start using Trapster on your WP7 device, you will have to agree to its terms of service. If you intend to be an active Trapster member, the service comes with an option to let you sign up for a new account so that you can file reports of your own for the benefit of the community. After you have configured the app properly, it will access your current location and show it on the map. Two boxes to the left of the screen display the Speed Limit of the road on which you are currently travelling, while another similar box is there to record your own speed. If a user reaches the speed limit, an audio warning will be issued.

The map shown by Trapster is pretty detailed, and you can customize it further as well. By customization, we mean the choice of places you want to be highlighted by Trapster. In addition to these points of interest you can also choose to toggle on or off the display of routes, traps and other accidents reported along the roads. From the same Settings menu of the app users can choose the voice and language in which the instructions will be provided (Trapster for WP7 features some truly hilarious voices, including a parody of George Bush’s voice). In case you want to familiarize yourself with the traps on a road, hit the options and go to the menu marked nearby traps. You can be a good user by contributing to the app’s database and report traps for a particular section of the road.

Trapster for WP7 is a free app, and while it might not be as comprehensive as Nokia Drive, most users are bound to find it really useful.

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