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Trellizzo: Manage Projects & Share Tasks Using This WP7 Trello Client

We have already covered the web version of Trello (complete review can be read here), and in addition to that, the service has also got an iOS client. As can be expected, there is not an official Windows Phone 7 version of this popular project management service as yet, but now you can manage your boards and tasks from your Mango phone using Trello’s third-party client, Trellizzo. This app might not be as comprehensive as the official one for iOS devices, but it should prove to be enough for most Trello users. With Trellizzo, it is possible to manage your boards, create new cards (a name for tasks used by Trello) and you can even view all your notifications along with other important Trello data on your account.

Trellizzo Boards Trellizzo Notifications

Even if you are not a Trello user so far, the app might turn you into one. The interface could have been better, but it does what it says in the description, and that should be good enough for most users. First of all, you have to sign in to your Trello account using the login button on the main page. If you don’t have a Trello account, it is possible to sign in via your Google account credentials, or you can create a new account altogether. After you have signed in, Trellizzo will sync all your boards automatically, and you can view them in the my boards section of the app. By swiping to the right, the notifications menu appears, and tapping any of them will take you to the relevant area of Trello. To refresh the boards or notifications view, the refresh button is available in the bottom bar of the app.

Trellizzo Cards Checklists Trellizzo Activity

Once you enter a board, you can see all the data it has got associated with it on the web version of Trello. The color coding of cards and attachment of media files is supported as well. You can add a new card in any of the boards, and for an overview of the whole thing, there is the board details button. When you tap on any card, it gets flipped over to show details, and users can add comments to individual cards. The checklist shows the progress which has been made on any particular project, and activity is the area where group-specific notifications are displayed.

Trellizzo is a free app, and Trello users are sure to breathe a sigh of relief to see some representation of their favorite project management app in the Marketplace, even if it is unofficial for now.

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